The Seine Maritime region is rich in its heritage. By following your fancy, you will find numerous cultural, tourist and sports activities to provide pleasure and relaxation. St. Wandrille Rançon is located on what is known as “the Road of the Abbeys”. (The Abbey of St. Wandrille is one of many nearby monasteries.) And there are yet two other “roads” of special interest located close by : the “fruit tree road” and the “road of thatched and timbered cottages”. At the Information Centre in the regional natural park as well as at the Normandy Tourist Office in Caudebec en Caux, 4 km away, you will be provided with information regarding events and attractions to be enjoyed during your stay in our region of Normandy: the Pays de Caux and Seine Valley.

Discover the coast of Normandy between Honfleur and Dieppe, its white cliffs and “high” valleys known as “valleuses” that cut straight down to the beach. Take a leisurely drive along the winding loops of the Seine and cross over to the opposite bank via the bridges and ferries.
We can tell you about many more interesting places to visit during your stay.

La Seine

Rouen 35 km – 40 mn
Honfleur 52 km – 50 mn
Le Havre 50 km – 50 mn
Etretat 60 km – 52 mn

Fécamp 42 km – 45 mn
Dieppe 65 km – 1h
Caen 120 km – 1h 20mn
Paris 160 km – 1h 45mn